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Monday, February 19, 2018

Experimenting... again.

Lately I've been trying to find an antidepressant, since the depression returned in late summer. Worsening in early fall.

This hasn't proved successful.

Over the past week, since I didn't make it to my doctor's office yet -- I'd had dizzy spells, that seemed a really bad time to be driving -- I tried Vraylar again.


Yes, by myself. Just like when I stop any of the meds that suck, or make me worse, or ruin my sleep, I stop them myself. Since I react FAST to subclinical doses, this means I'm not waiting days [or weeks] for the doctor to decide. Atypical, but so it goes, and I've been living with my own body and reactions for decades -- they haven't. 

My recent doctors act like if they treat me like I don't have atypical reactions, then I'll respond normally. Not logical, and frankly the opposite of helpful! 

Since these drug reactions stay in my system for far longer than most people [i.e., six months in 2017] it's another reason I don't wait. I cannot. When meds don't work, I'm the one who needs to make that call.

I suspect the doctors I've been seeing hate that. Certainly a few argue with me about reactions I've had, as if denying them means they didn't happen. Man, when I've had hot flashes waking me up multiple times all night, wrecking my sleep -- I was there

Don't disparage my experiences! It lacks class. 

The worse thing is that I wasn't basing my experiences on one or two drugs. I was up to ten (10!) just by December 2016. 


Sunday, December 31, 2017

Smoky update: pica.

Months ago, in late October, we took Smoky to the vet. Twice. The first visit went well.

After the second visit, I wasn't happy with that vet, for she insisted he was "eating something from outside" and that Gatito be kept indoors.

What she didn't make clear is that "you can mix in his old food when he's better" was not really what she meant. Um, be clear. I'm not a vet, if you tell me it's okay, and then it's not--! Because on his second visit, the vet was upset that I'd fed him his old kibble.

Just like she said. So her premise was that I'd messed up his stomach bacteria. Even though she couldn't figure out what was giving him loose stools.

Cat spay the second.

Short version: In the last five days [back in July] that seemed like aeons... we hosted another mostly tame/semi-feral cat during her post-op recovery.

{ Written 21-July-2017 }

We got Sweetpea fixed this past Monday.

Hell, once inside carrier Monday morning, Sweetpea methodically shredded every piece of paper I'd put in there. Not the towel nor the shirt, though.

Friday night we loosed Sweetpea back out into her kingdom.  My grey cat of friendliness still loved us, and proved affectionate -- but her trust in her humans was decreasing.


Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Poor Smoky...

Today Gatito's going to the nearby vet. Please send good thoughts his way!

We're hoping this is easily fixed.  My poor baby, it looked like he'd slept on the kitchen floor mat a time, and then couldn't get to his litter box, from the amount of goo there.

I feel bad. He'd had loose stools Saturday, and they got worse after the weekend. Problem is, I had a sleep study Sunday night, and that made me mostly useless yesterday; Monday I ended up achy and having all digits freaking out, along with my hip, not quite mini spasms -- yay! -- but not too hot either.

Yestereve he began dripping dung a little. :/

We let Gatito roam free all night, instead of putting him into "his" bathroom. His poor bottom was very sore, and I didn't have the heart to lock him up, not when his butt was clearly hurting him.

He didn't wake us. Odds are Smoky mostly slept. He was on our bed for a while, but found that it's harder to hang out -- or sleep -- when the bed's crowded.

I really hope the nice vet will make him better. I went by Google reviews, so I also hope that the folks gushing about this vet are not leading us astray. Plus side, instead of poking in Yellow Pages, reviews exist.

Again, your good thoughts and prayers are very welcome; thank you!


Monday, September 18, 2017

Recent kitten news.

We got Smoky fixed on 31-August.

He bounced back quickly [of course, being a male cat] and wanted out out OUT. I'd meant to keep him indoors 48 hours, maybe more... but after a full day of kitten-sitting, loosed him two mornings after his surgery. I think Gatito and I were both tired of his temporary imprisonment by then!

Or as SL put it, "Kitten says to other cats through doorwall: 'My humans are broken, I don't know why they aren't letting me out.' " { And he makes a sad face. }

Dingdong pawed the doorwall several times during the kitten's imprisonment; DD had missed his playmate just as much as Smoky missed his Buddy. Awwwww.

Feline news: summer.

We got Sweetpea spayed in July. THAT was an adventure!

Short version: I had to get her a cone of shame. Sweetie did NOT like that. But being trapped in the house was what she hated the most. My poor baby. 8(

May post about it at some point...

Gatito, our Smoky-kitten, became friendly and then affectionate during the summer... now he is an indoor-outdoor cat. (AND a lap cat!) I don't think Tiny Cat even realizes how much more he stays inside.

He can sleep in the house, where it's cooler during the day... and where the monsters aren't invading his space at night. Lately Smoky has been trying to explain to us how he should be allowed to roam free at night. Like he does during the day -- when he mostly sleeps, fwiw.

Saturday he became five months old.

Smoky is the chattiest cat we have. The little purrball. :D He will mrrrrrrrrow at you when he doesn't want to be picked up, among other vocalizations. 8)

Monday, July 3, 2017

Yes... "You will make it through."

A dear friend just shared this image with a great list about self-care.

It is a portable wisdom, something to help you when your brain and/or body is fighting you. Trust me, I know how that is. It happens to me (bipolar) and it's tiresome at best, horrible to you at worst.

I thought this was a good time to keep a copy of the list handy. Because we'll be off to Convergence, and this is the time many of us get sick. Not just con crud, but meeting family and friends at everything from weddings and open houses to picnics, cookouts, theme parks, you name it.

So... PLEASE take care of yourself. Please.